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With THLN wrapping up the last quarter of 2015 - I have BIG news for 2016! I'm excited to announce that beginning January 2016 we'll be moving forward enthusiastically with a new leadership team comprised of our new board President Shelby Bobosky, our new Operations Director Stacy Sutton Kerby, and new Executive Director, Laura Donahue. This dynamic team will boost THLN's presence in both legislative and development activities and take our organization to a new level of success for the animals of Texas.

Shelby with two of her rescued pets, Stanley and HomerShelby Bobosky has been with THLN since 2011 in both the Vice President and Legislative Co-Chair roles, and her leadership has taken the organization through two successful legislative sessions. Under her watch, THLN successfully passed both the Anti-Gassing Law (SB 360 passed in 2013) and the Mandatory Canine Encounter Training Law (HB 593 passed in 2015). She's eager to lead the organization with both directors, assuring greater success for animal protection laws in the future. 

Stacy & Gizmo at the CapitolSutton Kerby, formerly THLN interim Executive Director, has been promoted to Operations Director. Stacy's role has grown from being a THLN Chapter President to handling the administration of the organization in her two-year tenure. Stacy will continue managing THLN's day-to-day operations, events and annual conference. Additionally, Stacy will continue with grassroots mobilization and working closely with THLN's Chapter volunteers. Stacy enjoys the challenges of running an organization effectively and efficiently, and brings unbridled enthusiasm to our mission.

Laura with RoscoeLaura Donahue has been named Executive Director beginning January 1st. In this role, Laura's responsibilities will include overall strategic and operational responsibility for THLN's legislative advocacy, fundraising and expansion. Most recently she was a lobbyist and policy consultant for a non-profit working on national government reform. Laura has previously served with the Humane Society of the United States and founded the political action committee, Humane Dominion, both animal advocacy organizations in the Washington D.C. area. We are delighted that Laura will be joining us at the beginning of the year, which is a critical planning time for our organization. She brings the expertise needed to increase statewide visibility and legislative effectiveness. 

I hope you will join us in welcoming our new 2016 leadership team!

-Cile Holloway, President, and the Board of Directors

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THLN celebrates 40 years of animal protection

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In 1975, the Texas Humane Legislation Network was started by a small group of individuals with a dream as big as the Lone Star State itself: to make the humane treatment of animals the law. Whether they be companion animals, working animals, animals used in entertainment, exotic animals or wildlife, we at THLN believe all animals deserve protection from abuse and cruelty. This year, as we look back on 40 years of service to Texas animals, and celebrate dozens of legislative victories that have touched many thousands of lives, we’re also looking to the future. Join us - Donate - Volunteer - Advocate with Us - and Together, we can Break the Chain of Cruelty and make Texas more humane!

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